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Welcome to Virginia Labyrinths

Celebrate the September Equinox

2023 With CSC


Would you like to spend some time connecting with Mother Nature as she turns  the Seasonal Wheel?

Join us on September 23rd for another virtual labyrinth walk with Mary Ann Wamhoff.

Sept 23rd,  9 Pacific AM/10 AM Central/Noon Eastern. 



This is a free event, however if you would like to make a donation to CSC you can do so. Your donation will help us to continue to offer community events centered in Creation Spirituality.


No need to register in advance.


Zoom Link here


If you need to print a labyrinth to participate, there are two options we recommend:


A Creation Spirituality Walk of the Labyrinth

Offered by Mary Ann



Circle the labyrinth, preferably three times in a clockwise direction—the Celtic way, focusing on your blessings, especially the awesome goodness of Creation! Embrace the only. Thank the minerals, flora, fauna, ancestors, angels, and Unknowable.



As you enter and proceed to the center, focus on letting go of your grief, sadness, anger, rage, confusion. Enter the silence of your soul. Perhaps listen to the sounds of nature if you are outdoors. Feel the Scream the psalm of lament as you hear your prophetic call.


Stay in the center as long as you desire, ready to take in inspiration, insight, creativity! Invite the so that you can better co-create with the Evolutionary Consciousness. Embrace your role as Mystic and Artist. Celebrate! As Merton says, it’s “the E



As you leave the center and proceed to the exit (which is the same as the entrance), await information regarding your Sacred Action. Do you need to speak truth to power? Do you need to get into good trouble? This is the and speaks to you of your role as Prophet.



A Group with a Common Passion

Virginia Labyrinths was founded in 2021 after an individual decided to turn her interests into an official Labyrinth Club. We're growing as a community, and have expanded what we offer to our members. When you decide to join us, you too will gain access to various events and, most importantly, to a group of like-minded individuals who are just as passionate as you are.




If you are walking as a group, consider embarking on Labyrinth Activism (See the Labyrinth Legacy Project regarding the Labyrinth Legacy Network that is being formed.):

  • Achieve coherency by breathing together and calming intentionally. Slowly breathe in Earth energy from the ground and send out your positive intention as you completely breath out and up. This creates a torus (a donut-shaped field). Remain as positive as possible. (Investigate the HeartMath Institute, , for more information.) This step is additional and quite powerful in amplifying an intention. We can also take this step when we walk alone.

  • When coherency is achieved, state your positive intention as a unit. This is written as if your intention is already realized. Remember your one, simply-stated goal. (Refer to Lynn McTaggart’s writing for more information.)

  • Walk (being sure to allow enough space so that no one feels rushed, or suggesting that walkers pass one another respectfully) to release egoic intrusion. Embrace being an instrument.

  • Receive next steps for the Sacred Action of your group as you pause in the center.

  • Return to share insight and activate your mission.

Women Walking

Couple Walking

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Have questions about Virginia Labyrinths, or interested in joining? Please reach out — we’re happy to help.

Crozet, VA

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